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Welcome to the Irving Family Website

This web site is predominantly dedicated to genealogy and our family history. However, we hope it will also provide a means to keep in touch with our living relatives.

While reading a book about frigates and US Naval history a family member came across Commodore Edward Preble; knowing that Preble was our maternal grandmother’s maiden name; and Commodore Preble was from the same region in Maine as our forebears, the torch was lit and the search was on. Was this person an ancestor of ours?

In case you’re wondering. . . it turns out Commodore Edward Preble is our Second cousin seven times (generations) removed.

This website and the information contained herein is the result of research started by that one question. Since then hours upon hours of research in libraries, and on the Internet have been spent on this endeavor as well as research trips to locations such as Boothbay Harbor, Maine and Saint John, New Brunswick.

We hope through this web site to reach out to known relatives and share this information with them and add any information they have. Maybe we will find some new “cousins” out there. It is our hope that this web site may enable us to find information on some of the dead ends, or brick walls, we have come up against; the first and foremost being William John Irving, our great grandfather.

All are welcome to visit our genealogy data which you can access by clicking on the IRVING family crest or clicking here.

The family history pages contain stories on individuals we have “met” through our research, ancestor reports that begin with the original immigrants to the North American continent, and other material that you might find interesting. The data on this website will be updated as we learn more of our ancestors and cousins.

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